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Zimbabwe: Tobacco Sales Rise Marginally

Published: 05/08/2012

FLUE-CURED tobacco growers have so far earned US$267 million from the auction of 71 million kg of the golden leaf that were sold at an average price of US$3,78 per kg. This marks an 18,78 percent change from last year when farmers grossed US$168 million from the sale of 60 million kg during the same period. Last year's average price was US$2,82 per kg. This year's marketing season started in February.

A total of 920 840 bales have so far been laid while 873 487 bales have been sold with 38 268 bales rejected. For the 2011 marketing season, 795 623 bales had been laid by this time with 737 694 bales going under the hammer while the remaining 57 929 bales were rejected. Contract floors have so far sold 40m kg of tobacco worth US$154m. The tobacco was sold at an average price of US$3,85 per kg. They have laid 460 501 bales of tobacco, sold 446 058 bales and rejected another 14 443 bales.

On the auction side a total of 31m/kg of flue cured tobacco have also been sold for US$114m. The average price was US$3,70 per kg. A total of 460 339 bales were laid with 427 429 bales getting auctioned while the other 23 825 bales were rejected.

Tobacco Sales Floor has sold 10 million kg of the golden leaf so far with a value of US$39m. TSF sold the tobacco at the average price of US$3,74 per kilogram. TSF laid 153 474 bales and auctioned 141 162 bales while the other 12 312 bales were rejected.

Second is Boka Tobacco Floors who have to date sold 10m kg of tobacco for US$36 million. Their average price was US$3,62 per kg. BTF laid 150 272 bales and auctioned 141 187 bales while the remaining 9 085 bales were rejected in the process.

Millennium Tobacco Floors have also sold 5 million kg of the flue-cured tobacco with a value of US$19m. Their average price was US$3,72 per kg. MTF has laid 74 438 bales and auctioned 69 534 bales while 4 904 bales were rejected.

Premier Tobacco Floors have to date disposed of 5 million kg of tobacco with a value of US$20m. The average selling price was US$3,74 per kg. PTF laid a total of 150 272 bales and sold 75 546 bales while 6 609 bales were rejected.

Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board chief executive Dr Andrew Matibiri last week said tobacco volumes had slightly increased.


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