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A bit of botany

Nicotiana tabacum, also known as Common Tobacco, is a specie of annual dicotyledon, from the solanaceae family. This family is gathering a lot of other plants such as: potato, tomato, aubergine or eggplant, chili pepper...

Nicotiana rustica, by Koelher


On a botanical point of view, tobaccos belong to the genus Nicotiana that can be divided in three subgenus:

  • subgenus Rustica with yellow flowers : these tobaccos are sometimes cultivated in North Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. They are also in use for genetic purposes.
  • subgenus Petunioides with white, pink, red or violet flowers : this subgenus essentially gathers ornamental varieties that can also be of interest for genetics.
  • subgenus Tabacum with pink, red or purple flowers.


Nicotiana tabacum, by Koelher



In this subgenus, the specie Nicotiana tabacum gathers more than 90% of the tobaccos cultivated in the world. It is a robust annual herbaceous plant, 50 cm to 1,50 m high (even 2,50m for some varieties).




Biological classification:

Kingdom = Plantae

Phylum = Magnoliophyta

Class = Magnoliopsida

Order = Solanales

Family = Solanaceae

Genus = Nicotiana

Specie = Nicotiana tabacum

Phylogenetic classification :

Clade = Angiosperms

Clade = True Dicotyledons

Clade = Asteridae

Clade = Lamiidae

Order = Solanales

Family = Solanaceae

Specie = Nicotiana tabacum

Translation from ANITTA's website \Connaître le tabac\Généralités sur Nicotiana tabacum\

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