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Published: 04/14/2016

June 2016, 13th to 16th in Prilep



Published: 12/10/2015

DELTAFINA SPAIN and IBERTABACO, S.C. decided to sign a relationship with FRABELSE to carry out  a trail in 2015 season, in order to study the viability and the future prospects of the tobacco crop using only organic products as fertilizers and CPA, regarding to achieve tobacco free of chemical residues and also Nitrate-free.

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A bit of botany

Nicotiana tabacum, also known as Common Tobacco, is a specie of annual dicotyledon, from the solanaceae family. This family is gathering a lot of other plants such as: potato, tomato, aubergine or eggplant, chili pepper...

Nicotiana rustica, by Koelher


On a botanical point of view, tobaccos belong to the genus Nicotiana that can be divided in three subgenus:

  • subgenus Rustica with yellow flowers : these tobaccos are sometimes cultivated in North Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. They are also in use for genetic purposes.
  • subgenus Petunioides with white, pink, red or violet flowers : this subgenus essentially gathers ornamental varieties that can also be of interest for genetics.
  • subgenus Tabacum with pink, red or purple flowers.


Nicotiana tabacum, by Koelher



In this subgenus, the specie Nicotiana tabacum gathers more than 90% of the tobaccos cultivated in the world. It is a robust annual herbaceous plant, 50 cm to 1,50 m high (even 2,50m for some varieties).




Biological classification:

Kingdom = Plantae

Phylum = Magnoliophyta

Class = Magnoliopsida

Order = Solanales

Family = Solanaceae

Genus = Nicotiana

Specie = Nicotiana tabacum

Phylogenetic classification :

Clade = Angiosperms

Clade = True Dicotyledons

Clade = Asteridae

Clade = Lamiidae

Order = Solanales

Family = Solanaceae

Specie = Nicotiana tabacum

Translation from ANITTA's website \Connaître le tabac\Généralités sur Nicotiana tabacum\

Association Européenne pour la Recherche et l'expérimentation Tabacole

European Association for Tobacco Research and Experimentation

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