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Varieties group


Varieties are the first step to produce a tobacco complying both with growers’ expectation (resistances to bioagressors , yield , maturity , quality …) and with market criteria.

Flue-Cured, Burley, Dark air-cured and Oriental varieties



Flue-cured, Burley, Dark air-cured and Oriental varieties in Europe



The purpose of compiling a catalogue of European tobacco varieties is to

  • get an overview, which varieties are cultivated in Europe
  • provide the tobacco producers with an updated and comprehensive list of tobacco varieties available for use
  • provide the customers (leaf dealers, tobacco industry) with the same information
  • give every tobacco breeder in Europe an opportunity to have their output known to their colleagues and thus provide another useful channel of information exchange

The catalogue is covering all tobacco types, which are under cultivation in Europe, i.e. Flue Cured, Burley, Dark Air Cured, Fire Cured and Oriental. Every tobacco breeder in Europe, as well as all people who are engaged in tobacco cultivation, either corporate or physical persons, are invited to participate in the project. The breeder should have a legal title to the variety he proposes to be included in the catalogue and the variety should not be a breeding line or an experimental hybrid but have already at least some record of commercial production. For varieties, not bred in Europe, the proposing person should provide as far as possible information and data resulting from field trials. In order to make the catalogue as informative as possible and the information contained therein mutually comparable a standardized sheet has been prepared which contains fields to be filled in by the breeder and other proposing persons. The legends and explanations can be found bellow the tables.


Breeders and organizations contributed to the European Tobacco Variety Catalogue:

Adam K. Berbec, Poland
Agroport-D Kft., Hungary
HRVATSKI DUHANI d.d. - Croatia
Ibertabaco S.C., Spain
Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - State Res. Inst. - Poland
L'Agricola Srl., Italy
NiCoTa GmbH, Germany
Servicio de Sanidad Vegetal, Consejería de Agricultura, Desarrollo Rural, Medio
SOTA center, Switzerland
Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute, Bulgaria

Association Européenne pour la Recherche et l'expérimentation Tabacole

European Association for Tobacco Research and Experimentation

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