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Crop Protection Agents, Integrated Pest Management & Organic Production

Kadidiatou KANÉ (ARVALIS-Institut du Végétal, France)


Crop Protection Agents (CPA) are fundamentally an issue that must be broached on an European level. Because the subject of CPA is tightly linked with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Organic Production, these topics are combined in one working group since 2015.

At the moment , in the European Union , the rules on crop protection products are laid down by Council Directive 91/414/EEC. In 2011 , the regulation (EC) n° 1107/2009 will be applied and will reinforce the possibility of mutual recognition of CPA registrations between countries.



Damages of PVY on a tobacco field, Poitou Tabac, 2004


AERET CPA, IPM and Organic Production group aims for sharing  information on  CPA registered on tobacco, to implement IPM strategies for crop protection and to support organic production in the European tobacco producing countries. This exchange of information is prominent:

  • to find new CPA for all tobacco crops
  • to anticipate  active ingredients withdrawal
  • to collaborate efficiently in acquiring missing data either  in the case of the revision or for the registration of active ingredients
  • to compare all IPM methods in use, in order to harmonize IPM recommendations all over AERET countries
  • to collect and summarize active ingredient registrations and experiences for organic tobacco production
  • to compile all these information in a user friendly pesticide database


Even if  AERET deals the subject of CPA through a specific group, this issue is tightly linked with integrated pest management and organic production.

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